Best Locks For Your New Home?

Security for Your Home

Having a home with a good security system is what many people desire. No doubt, there are multiple ways to achieve this, but one of the efficient ways to do this is having trusted locks on all your doors. Getting to know which locks are the best can be a bit challenging because of the influx of different brands in the locks industry. 

But then, does this have to be the end? Obviously not. This is why this post addresses some of this issue by bringing to fore some of the best locks that you can use for your new home. 

Best Locks For Your New Home

Here, you will see some of the best locks you can have for your new home. 

Keyless Locks: As the name suggests, these kinds of locks don’t have keys for opening them. Rather, they have been programmed so that you can use some set of codes to get access. This innovation is one of the best you can adopt for your new home. If you are looking for some great keyless keys to use, you can check out the SCHLAGE Camelot Locks and the SCHLAGE Encode Deadbolt. Both are available on Amazon stores for $105 and $229 dollars. You can get the latter here. And the SCHLAGE Camelot Locks can be gotten here

Keypad Locks: The keypad locks are a bit similar to the keyless locks in that you don’t need aluminum or metal keys to access them. But, unlike the keyless locks, these sets of locks have obvious keypads, just like the old days’ cellphones with punchy keypads. To open the locks, you would need to punch in the correct security keys. 

If you are looking to get locks of these types, you can check out the Kwikset Powerbolt locks. It is available on Amazon stores for $63. You can click here to get it. 

Keyed Locks: This type of lock is like the usual one you have come across. The difference is just that the new and innovative keyed locks have been powerfully built to be efficient and durable. In this light, they operate almost to the same standard as the keyless and keypad locks. The problem, however, is that you would always have to have your keys handy whenever you need to open it. Also, if you misplace your keys or jam the door when your keys are still inside, you might need the service of a locksmith to gain access to your house. One of the keyed locks you can try out is the AmazonBasics Exterior lock. It is available on Amazon stores for $41. You can click here to get it. 


Technology has so much advanced that the door locks that were touted as the best a few years ago have been displaced by advanced innovations indoor locks. This is why you must always keep up with the industry happenings. You have some of the best keys for your new home; it is now left to you to take action.